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Best place for students to live in London

London is a vast and diverse city with numerous neighborhoods, each offering a unique atmosphere and lifestyle. Choosing the best place to live in London as a student depends on your preferences, budget, and proximity to your university. Here are some popular areas for students in London:

  1. Bloomsbury:
    • Home to University College London (UCL) and the University of London, Bloomsbury is a historic and academic hub. It offers a central location, cultural attractions like the British Museum, and a mix of housing options.
  2. Camden:
    • Known for its vibrant music and arts scene, Camden is popular among students. It’s home to the University of Westminster and has excellent transport links. The famous Camden Market offers a variety of food stalls and shops.
  3. Shoreditch:
    • If you prefer a trendy and creative atmosphere, Shoreditch is a great choice. It’s close to institutions like the London Metropolitan University and offers a thriving nightlife, street art, and diverse dining options.
  4. Hackney:
    • East London’s Hackney is a rapidly gentrifying area with a youthful energy. It’s known for its parks, markets, and artistic communities. Queen Mary University of London is nearby.
  5. South Kensington:
    • Home to Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, South Kensington is an upscale and cultural district. While it may be pricier, it offers easy access to museums, parks, and elegant architecture.
  6. Greenwich:
    • Located in southeast London, Greenwich is famous for its maritime history and the University of Greenwich. It has a relaxed and scenic atmosphere, with the Royal Observatory and Greenwich Park as notable landmarks.
  7. Hoxton:
    • Hoxton, in the borough of Hackney, is known for its nightlife and creative scene. It’s close to institutions like London Metropolitan University and offers a mix of affordable and trendy housing options.
  8. Stratford:
    • Stratford, in East London, gained prominence during the 2012 Olympics. It’s home to the University of East London and offers modern housing, shopping centers like Westfield, and excellent transport connections.
  9. Bethnal Green:
    • Located in the Tower Hamlets borough, Bethnal Green is close to Queen Mary University of London. It has a diverse community, markets, and is known for its multicultural cuisine.
  10. Willesden Green:
    • Situated in northwest London, Willesden Green offers a quieter atmosphere compared to central London. It’s within commuting distance to several universities and has affordable housing options.

Remember to consider factors such as your university’s location, budget, and lifestyle preferences when choosing where to live in London. Additionally, it’s advisable to visit potential neighborhoods and explore housing options before making a decision.

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